Prana Yoga

the term “Prana” is sanscrit, can mean many things, it can mean energy, vital breath, force and dynamicsm offen used in the plural to describe vital breathing.
“Ayama” on the other hand, signifieds extension, control: Prânâyâma is, at the first level, the art of prolunging or extending one’s breathing and conscious control, but on a peeper level, it is the ability to control the subtle energy in the air, in the water and in the food.
The wise indians affirm that this energy, can be stored in the nervous system and an adept person, thanks to yoga thecniques, can learn to direct it througgh.
Prânâyâma, therefore, is a method to harmonise breathing and also senses and mind.

Through using Prânâyâma, the bady becomes strong and healthy.
With Prânâyâma, all the lungs receive an adequate supply of oxygen, whic normally does not occur, and this encourages an improvement in the quantity and quality of blood in the organism.