Singer and Soprano

Li Li, soprano of Chinese origin living in London winning international awards, she has performed in numerous works including his workhorse “Madame Butterfly” performed in England and Japan with exceptional reviews.

But the love of Li Li to all the music has led it to be open to a varied repertoire, not just limited to opera. Today Li Li sings rock ballads, pop songs, songs from musicals, opera arias and of course the never forgotten Chinese music which is proud of.

One of his artistic collaborations is with saxophonist Julian Smith, ranked third of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 (the year in which Susan Boyle finished second), with whom she toured long and has recently recorded a CD which will be released later this year .

BUTTERFLY_lowLast year, Li Li has starred in a surreal moment, when he unexpectedly had the honor of singing in front of the Maestro Andrea Bocelli, before the concert by London’s O2 Arena.

The first disc of Li Li, currently in the works, will be out for Christmas.
2014 sees Li Li sing on the show “Magical Mozart” on tour in England for 25 concerts.

Its holdings at the Festival Dell’Oriente of 31 October, 1-2-3 in November will be almost exclusively focused on Chinese music, which Li Li will perform ‘in beautiful traditional costumes.

Li Li also sing the famous aria “Nessun Dorma” at the opening, October 31, World Championship WTKA.





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