LION DANCE 3Return of the impressive lion dance, show the Chinese tradition, this time with a great novelty for Italy: two lions who dance and perform their difficult choreography suspended on poles to nearly 2 meters of height.

The Lion Dance is a tradition typical of the days of the Chinese New Year. It has always been linked to Kung Fu and the skill of its dancers. Jump, perform evolutions in the air, hold up, but in all that continue to move with the basic steps of Kung Fu and above all with the same vigor. In fact, the greater the bases in Kung Fu, the more you will be skilled in dance and in its interpretation.


Even the music is of considerable importance: the rhythm section is formed by the drum, gong and dishes (so that the rhythm is cheerful and strong).

The Lion Dance needs a hard training because the exercises require high athletic ability and precision, of course without the slightest error. The dance on the poles further adds showmanship and much more difficulty, having to do with very small surfaces, hence requiring qualities of strength, balance and coordination much more.

In this fifth edition of the Festival  we will see for the first time the exhibition of two lions at the same time on the poles, an event not widespread mainly because you see only perform a lion.