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An event dedicated to yoga and to the holistic world to explore anciaent pearls o wisdom, capable of enriching the human personality and tho improve the quality of life, directing it towards health and harmony.

Yoga, is seen as the main entrance to reach meditation, the essential path to discover unexpressed self potential and the most authentic dimensions of the spirit.

These alternative discoveries originate from ancient civilizations, aware that well-being only searched for at a physiological level, cannot last, as man is not made soley of an amalgamation of material elemants.

In the course of history, such wisdom has lit the way for millions of people alla over the world, and today, incorporate a true treasure of revelations, intuitions and experiences, essential in mainting a well-balanced mind, to neutralize negative social flow, to protect health and the psycho-physical integrity, and to offer a projected and solid vision of the human existance.

The event is aimed at a hetero geneous, transversal, sensitive and aware public, and at experts and beginners who are interested in a simple healthy and natural lifestyle.

The festival offers a week-end of meetings, conferences, exchanges, meditation-sittings, praticle, well-beign and sharing.

There will be: Indian Yoga, Chinese Yoga, Indonesian and Tibetan Yoga, with the more traditional Bhakiti-Yoga, The Hatha-Yoga, jn?na Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Dhyana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Siddhi-Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Ananda Marga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, sahaja Yoga, Satyananda Yoga up to the yoga of the Shaolin Monks, also more modern methods, such as “Laughter Yoga, Aerobic Yoga, Yoga in Flight, children’s Yoga and many other marvellous dischiplines to discover, to see and to experience.

A fascinanting way of begin together.